Thursday, October 16, 2008

Due to popular demand.....

We have added two private, hands-on classes to our November schedule. They are Saturday, November, 15 at 10:00 a.m. and Tuesday, November 18 7:00 p.m. The class fee is $20. This includes a make and take item and plenty of tasters to eat. Please call Mindy @ 801-623-3431 if you are interested. Spots are filling up quick!

Liz's Story

Yesterday I went to a stake emergency preparedness fair. I had planned on attending several classes because I thought they were each a half an hour long and they sounded like they would be interesting (72 hour kits, gardening and canning, food storage). But when I got there, I found out that they were longer and first class I had planned on attending (Wheat and Bread) was going to take almost the whole time. I hurried around to the other classes and tried to get whatever handouts I could. And then decided I was most interested in the bread class. I am so glad I attended. I watched the process from start (grinding the wheat) to finish (tasting the yummy baked goods).
Later that day, I talked to my friend Amy, who is a lot more ambitious than me and who had come home from the class and actually repeated the process at home. I, of course, figured I would eventually make the bread, but would put it off for a little while like I usually do and then would probably never actually get around to making it. Well, Amy invited me to come and try what she had made. It was great! So great in fact, that with a little encouragement from Amy, I decided to come home and try it myself. I was only going to make 1/2 of the recipe because the whole recipe makes 4 loaves and I wasn't sure it would all fit in my Kitchen Aid. So I put in half of the amount of flour and then continued reading the recipe and put in the next 3 ingredients and then realized I had forgotten to half them. So I ended up having to make the whole batch anyway. In the end, I think it turned out pretty good. My friend, Emily, tried it and assured me it was great, but I think I still have some room for improvement.
So, after months of saying I am going to bake my own bread (ever since I bought all that wheat!), I think I might actually do it now! Amazingly, I think this was my first time ever making regular bread! Using yeast has always kind of intimidated me, but this recipe was so simple and quick, I might be able to handle it!
I made 3 loaves of wheat bread and 2 little round loaves of artisan bread (I think that's what they are called) with Italian seasonings. I even got cute little bread bags to put them in! And yes, I was so proud I took a lot of pictures.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shari's Story

So all of my friends have been making this bread and everyone seems to love it! I posted about it around the time I was moving and never got the chance to actually make it. This bread recipe comes from a mom and daughter in Pleasant grove. They make everything with this one recipe, rolls, soup bowls, braids, desserts, hoagie rolls, bread, you name it they make it. Well yesterday I had Mark pick me up some ingredients that they sell out of their house to make this bread, the DVD, and some Shirley J's pizza seasonings. Then last night I watched the movie over again so I would be already to bake this morning. I wasn't the only one wanting to watch it either. Katelyn and Christopher love this movie. lol They both watched the whole thing with me. So this morning I got started. Their big thing was that you can make bread rise and bake in 1 hour and let me tell you that is just what happened. One batch makes 4 loaves. You can do different things with those 4 loaves. If you have the DVD it tells you tons and tons of things. So this morning I made 2 loaves of Bread, Rolls for dinner to go with our soup, and hoagie rolls for Mark to make sandwiches on. There is so many things you can make! I am really excited about the pizza seasonings too. We have pizza every Friday Night. I make all kinds. We try a different one every week. I make my own red sauce, but am so excited to use the Shirley j's because Ive heard its good from a lot of people and the cost of it is cheap. Seems like it was 5.50 and that is enough for 60 pizza's. I go through way more money than that using Oregano, Garlic and Paprika

Jonie's Story

So since my last bread post, I have made the bread by myself. I did think about calling my friends before I started just to make sure they were home in case of a repeat episode. I did fine and felt confident enough to take the recipe to my moms while we were there for Conference.

My mom, sister-in-law Rachel and I made Chicken braids for dinner and a cream cheese dessert. While we were finishing up, the kids went on a strike with homemade banners and even made one year old Makayla a banner and they all marched and chanted "We want breadsticks! We want breadsticks!" Then my dad and brother got into the action, until I gave in. I was extemely outnumbered. I did say however that the men had to make this batch. My dad and brother were up for the challenge, and of course were successful the first try. They did it all from start to finish minus the clean up of course.

We had a lot of fun, but can I just say one can only eat so much bread. It was a ton of bread. I love making bread, it makes me feel like I have homemaking skills, Wooo Hooo!!!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Come Visit Us......

We are going to be at the Sweet Tweets Boutique at a home show home in Herriman on October 24th and 25th. Come and check it out. We will have all of our products for sale, and we will be baking in the kitchen.

Directions to the Home:

If you are coming from the South or the North, take the Bangerter Hwy, exit and head West. Loop around until you see Walmart, Home Depot (13400 S) take a left. When you get to Smiths take a left, take a right on Mirabella, left on Emmaline, and a right on Butterfield Pkwy. The home will be on the left on Fort Pierce Way. Its accross from Butterfield Park.