Friday, September 26, 2008

Learn how to make homemade bread from start to finish in just 1 hour!

If a 3 Year Old and a 5 Year Old Can Do It... So Can You!

Every time I make bread my kids want to help. I give them their own ball of dough and they start making things and saying that they are having a bread class. I usually teach at least two classes a week and I decided it was time to teach a class to my own kids. For some reason I got up this morning and prayed for patience. I am so glad I did! We had such a great time. I didn't get upset once! It was a two hour hands on bread making class. They helped with pouring in the ingredients and turning on the mixer. Then they each made: 2 mini loaves, 1 mini Italian loaf, 1 cream cheese and strawberry dessert braid, 10 mini cinnamon rolls, twisted breadsticks and a mini stuffed crust pizza. It was hard for me to let them do it themselves, I usually jump in and try to do it for them. But I was patient and I let them shape everything, brush the butter on, sprinkle the seasonings, do the braiding and cut the cinnamon rolls with dental floss. They did such a great job! I was shocked at how well they were able to do everything. I was even more shocked that I had their undivided attention for a whole two hours! I let them eat whatever they wanted for dinner. They both ate about half of their pizzas and a couple of breadsticks, then they moved on to the stuff with frosting. I took 25 pictures during the class. I didn't post all of them, just most of them. They both shared some of their stuff with mom and dad. When I told Hali that her breadsticks were good, she told me that I could be done teaching bread classes and she would do them from now on!

If only someone could teach them to clean the kitchen!